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From the backwoods of a little community in South Carolina, Fayton Washington was born into a household that was lively, packed with relatives, and poor. He believes being poor or “from the struggle” teaches you true life lessons. A poet at heart, Fayton always had a knack for writing. In third grade, he co-wrote his first story. In high school, he completed his first poetry book, Fruits of Our Labor, which was later published in 2007. Fayton has been writing ever since, but was frustrated enough to actually finish his next work, What’s Wrong with America (WWWA) in 2016. He is a social conscious writer telling stories of the human experience. “Writing, telling stories, and portraying life from limitless experiences and vantage points is my true occupational love  – no matter what else I do,” Fayton says.

About Fayton Washington

Fayton is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. 

   -Edward Singer, Friend and Mentor

My Latest Book

What’s Wrong with America: Seven Challenges that are Destroying Us and God’s Solutions to Stop Them is an incredibly insightful journey detailing the hardships Americans face. The challenges discussed within the pages of this book stymies our growth as God’s children. This book is not intended to purvey gloom and doom, but to offer a resolution of love. It speaks directly to the soul of America with the hope of building a greater, more loving country, as God asks us all to be. Written from the lens of a Christian who struggles with these challenges as well, all with the hope of spreading the graciousness of love.

Fayton Washington's Book
What’s Wrong with America speaks to the heart of how we should interact with one another as Christians. Furthermore, it talks about how we should love everyone no matter who they are or where they are from. God has called on us to love, and this book carries that message without hesitation. The seven challenges discussed are not all-encompassing of the issues humans face, but they reflect a strong position of what we can overcome through togetherness, forgiveness, and oneness with God.

          Rev. William M. Wrighten

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